4g drone mod

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4g drone mod

Toggle navigation. Catalogue Pictures Logos. Contact Imprint Privacy Policy. Globe UAV develops intelligent drone systems controlled across national borders.

Higher efficiency due to the unrestricted range, the integration into common alarm systems, the intuitive operating concept and the above-average flight time are features of the Globe UAV Systems. We offer Solutions. Real Time Full HD video transmission, in addition the current drone position shown at the map and all relevant flight data at the screen, controlled by an ordinary keyboard makes operation simple and takes away the fear of existing staff-members to fly a drone.

An operation with remote control system in open field under changing weather conditions belongs to the past and is therefore a considerable relief for the user. The intended use defines the setup. The high-end camera gimbals with 30x optical zoom and tracking function identify people and vehicles upon m.

For nightly missions, the operator is supported by the inclusion of thermal and night vision cameras. Regardless of the time of day, safe operation without restrictions is guaranteed. Sensors for measuring air quality and specific gases provide data that is available to the operator in real time. This allows a fast, automatic and secure fixation of a transport container to the drone, triggered optionally on the ground blood containers, AED,… or also in the air life jacket.

Within the Drone Hangar 3 Types available the Drone is charged, well-tempered stored vandalism-proof and only one click always from start. All Rights Reserved.No unix skills required. Follow the installation video step by step. These items are neccessary to have a working LTE system.

Check out our forum or discord channel if you have any questions related to these items. HiLink and Stick modems are supported.

Supported modems. Extra power supply 5v 3A for raspberry pi is needed to feed the modem and camera. We have a large user base with huge amount of knowledge.

Join us today in either discussion forum or chat live on discord with our people now. UAVcast-Pro is Best option for getting live video at extreme distance. This helps show our clients what is important to them immediately.

Excellent system for all of our inspection and surveillance need. DJI may be supported in future releases. You only need to follow the installation process video which is fairly simple. All other configuration can be done from the UAVcast-Pro web interface. UAVcast-Pro provides a light-weight system which can be integrated in almost all applications such as, Plane, Rovers, Multicopters, Trains or even just for deer camera.

UAVcast supports Pi-Camera version. Check out our forum section for futher information. There are several ways. Either use a usb joystick or you can connect a regular 2. Continue shopping. Take Controll. Easy installation.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Disco4G is a software modification softmod for the Parrot Disco drone. In other words, range limit becomes your imagination! Instructions too technical?

Having trouble installing the softmod? Questions on what hardware to order? Want to meet the developers? Interested in other mods batteries, LEDs, etc. Interested to meet like-minded people? Having a great idea and want to let us know?

We have a great and very active community on Slack, come join us! In simple terms, the Wi-Fi connection is hijacked and routed via a tethering device e.

Once up in the air, everything works in the same manner as with the stock Wi-Fi connection, e. ZeroTier is a free online service, which we use to manage and encrypt the connection between the Disco and Skycontroller 2. ZeroTier will find the fastest and shortest connection e. This can be particularly useful to recover the Disco in the unfortunate event of a crash or flyaway. The latest optional feature of our softmod is the video and photo recording to a microSD card inside the 4G modem. Please see Wiki article Installation.

User Manual. Yes and yes! This softmod has been developed over countless of days and nights by RC hobbyists and technology enthusiasts with zero commercial intention. Howeverwe highly appreciate feedback and active contribution to improve and maintain this project. If you insist, feel free to donate any amount you like. Join our Slack community instead!

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Shell Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit ba89d9f Nov 22, The Parrot Disco's stock Wi-Fi loses video signal way before the specified 2 km. This gives you More storage space available than the built-in 32 GB: great for longer flights or multiple flights where videos cannot be transferred to a PC immediately.Owning a drone can be a fun experience.

Do not worry. All you need is some drone modification to help you. You can even get yourself a UAV locator to locate the drone, no matter where it is. Here are some of the drone mods that you can do with it. The interference gets reduced to a minimum, ensuring cleaner channels.

Click To Shop or Read Reviews. This drone modification can help you use your DJI Mavic to its fullest potential. DJI Phantom models are well known for their ability to take some great pictures, which means that it has a great camera. Gimbal Lock. Generally, such a message is displayed when one of them is detached. Otherwise, if you continue to fly with that error, that flight will not be logged in the black box.

Here are some tips that would help you. To achieve this, just turn off the automatic downloads for apps and updates in the -OS settings. There you go! These modifications and tips should help you fly safely and enjoy each and every minute of your flying experience!

4G LTE Drone Technology

Pictures captured using drones, speak for themselves. They can capture panoramic views like nothing else. Even with strong winds they can deliver blur-free images. You can add in a better camera to your drone to get high-quality images and videos. You can take absolutely breathtaking images of forests, animals, landscapes just by lifting the camera feet in the air.

With drone modifications, you can increase the range and even take your drone to search and rescue missions! Drones are very useful in search and rescue mission and can reach otherwise inaccessible areas. While planes or helicopters can take up a time to be deployed, a drone can immediately jump into action which is a huge advantage because in these kinds of operations every minute counts.

You can even modify your drone to use it in anti-poacher operations, traffic surveillance, border control, coastal surveillance, perimeter and dam monitoring and also in protection against illegal mining and anti-terrorist operations.

If you are looking at doing things quick and in a better way, it is a good idea to invest in a drone. Drones have brought great value to industries and users alike.

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Due to their versatility and flexibility, drones are certainly the hottest electronic gadget today — and with the right modification, you can just make them a lot cooler!

Kennedy Martinez is a resident writer who joined Dronethusiast at the beginning of She has years of experience reviewing drones and other tech products.

When it comes to flying drones, Kennedy loves the ability to create artistic videos from a unique point of view.The increasing popularity of drone technology is very evident in China and the US.

RC Drone Mods [2019] – The Best Drone Modifications – Phantom, Inspire, Mavic

Even if you are not a professional UAV pilot, knowing how to operate one and understanding its pros and cons is enough to get you hooked. Recently, 4G LTE drones have been making waves. It is remote controlled with the transmitter communicating with the receiver in the UAV that sends signals to the servos to control the craft.

Here comes the downside. Otherwise, it is usually less than 5 miles. We are talking about drones used by civilians and those for photography. If you insist on flying your drone beyond the max distance, you may end up losing your craft.

Even though we say civilian used drones nowadays are inexpensive — we say that relative to the price when the technology just started to take off. Once the drone loses connection with the transmitter, it will return to its home point.

4g drone mod

You are not likely to lose your drone, but the problem regarding the max distance remains. This is where 4G network connection comes in. It is an alternative to the radio control system that can eliminate the rather short distances a drone can be controlled. In terms of using a drone for search and rescue missions, the 4G network allows a drone to fly several miles away from the controller or pilot. A joint venture between two reputable companies is developing a widely acclaimed 4G drone technology that we should not only mention, but look closely at.

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The result of these giant team-up are drone technology innovations for many applications. The Ambar Group, a drone tech company based in Israel, is known for developing latest technical solutions for drones used in professional aerial photography, civilian use, agriculture, engineering and military and police use, serving governments and various industries.

The idea is to make your UAV fly even farther with a 4G network connection. The distance improvement in turn improves the efficiency of drone applications. Replacing the standard radio control feature of drones with 4G LTE network connection has several advantages experienced while in flight. First and foremost, the 4G LTE drones were developed to answer the common problems that 2. If you have been flying your UAV in urban areas using a 2.

We all know that 4G connection is more stable in urban areas which means this is a perfect real-world solution for radio-controlled drones.

In rural areas as well, we are seeing a large improvement in mobile internet because of LTE networks. For existing and future applications, we can expect enhanced performance from Walkera 4G Drones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in.

4g drone mod

Log into your account.With everything they need provided so well, people have more choices on what their UAV will be like.

So, after some research and planning, I made my very own hexacopter that can be controlled via a 4G network connection. They can consist of many different parts: a fuselage and wings for fixed-wing planes; a tail rotor for helicopters; a canopy, frame and arms for multicopters or multirotors.

I Drowned My DJI Mavic Air Drone (With Floaties) & It Still Flies! 😆💦

I made a multicopter for this experiment given the advantages of multicopters laid out on Wikipedia :. An advantage of multirotor aircraft is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control. Unlike single- and double-rotor helicopters which use complex variable pitch rotors whose pitch varies as the blade rotates for flight stability and control, multirotors often use fixed-pitch blades; control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced by each.

More rotors make it easier to control a multicopter than most other kinds of UAVs. Multicopters on the market today can be divided into tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters, which refer to 3- 4- 6- and 8-rotor helicopters. That is, the UAV is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a hand-held radio transmitter.

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The transmitter communicates with a receiver in the craft that sends signals to servomechanisms servos which move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter. The control surfaces, in turn, affect the orientation of the UAV. The maximum distance of most civilian UAVs is less than 5 miles, unless you have a bigger antenna on your transmitter.

This is a huge problem for UAV RC because you may lose your aircraft if you lose control of it for even a few seconds. Thanks to that almost all UAV flight control systems nowadays have a built-in failsafe: once the UAV loses connection with the transmitter, it attempts to return to its home point.

As an alternative to radio control, using a 4G network connection seems to eliminate the problem of distance. For my drone copter, I use a companion computer a single-board CPU to control Pixhawk a open source flight control system device of 3D Robotics directly, and the companion computer gets feedback and data from it. As the companion computer is a wholly functional computer, the data it receives can be stored locally or sent to a server through 4G LTE dongle. I used a PM2. The companion computer snatched up the data and sent it back to server every second, while simultaneously receiving the latest commands from server and forwarding them to Pixhawk for execution.

These two pieces are the most important parts in a UAV, much as they would be in real planes. The idea is that the UAV sends data to the server and gets constant feedback, while the server collects data from the drone and then gives back mission assignments.

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I built a server demo with totalVue which is a combination of total. For now, we have a fully functional hexacopter, so the only thing we have left to do is to direct the companion computer to send HTTP requests POST to the server every second with its data, including the PM2. Then the XU4 gets return messages from the server as the current set of orders and passes it to Pixhawk. The most important thing for this server to do is to make use of the received data and interact with the users.

Also, users should be able to set current orders for their drones. Network connection through 4G can be very unstable and the IP address of every UAV changes whenever it crosses into a new cellular network. To combat this problem, I use a mission control method. Every time the UAV sends a request to server, it receives a mission a list of commands from the server and then carries them out. With this protocol, users only need to care about what mission to give next or terminating the current mission.

Most of the time, users simply need to wait and see the data received from the UAV. If you have any advice, please feel free to give me a shout. Follow our newsletter or our WeChat account; every other week you'll receive news about what we're up to, our events and our insights on digital products, omnichannel, cross-border ecommerce or whatever the team fancies. I made a multicopter for this experiment given the advantages of multicopters laid out on Wikipedia : An advantage of multirotor aircraft is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control.Forums New posts Search forums.

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4g drone mod

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